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James & Sybil Stockdale

The Stockdale Fellows Program is named in honor of James and Sybil Stockdale.

Sybil (left) and James (right) Stockdale. Photo credit: James Bond Stockdale.

James Stockdale

Known as an inspiring and courageous leader, Vice Admiral James Stockdale was a member of the Monmouth College class 1946 and a graduate of the United States Naval Academy.

In 1965 he was shot down over Southeast Asia and served nearly eight years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Admiral Stockdale left the service as its most highly decorated member, having earned 26 personal combat decorations, one of which was the Congressional Medal of Honor.

He wrote seven books including the highly acclaimed memoir co-written with his wife Sybil, In Love and War: The Story of a Family’s Ordeal and Sacrifice During the Vietnam Years. Admiral Stockdale was also a candidate for Vice President of the United States in the 1992 presidential election, on Ross Perot's independent ticket.

Sybil Stockdale

Sybil Stockdale was the founder of the National League of Families, a nonprofit organization that helped shed light on the mistreatment of prisoners of war. In her capacity as national coordinator for the League, she served as its liaison to the White House and the Department of Defense and is credited with significantly improving American policies concerning the treatment and handling of POW families.

For her groundbreaking work she was awarded the Navy Distinguished Public Service Award, the highest award given by the Department of the Navy to a citizen not employed by the Department.